Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shashone Falls

After getting lost due to incorrect directions, we made it to the "Niagara of the West". The water level is pretty low at this time of year, but it was still pretty cool.

Notice the slight madness in Aria's eyes. Too many hours in a carseat invokes it.

Pioneer Day

Tara has been training for a couple months now and decided to run the Pioneer Day 10K. She had a goal of running it under 50 minutes, and began talking trash that she could whoop her completely out of shape husband, if he would dare run with her. He obviously doesn't take crap like that so he ran the race with her. Little did he know at the time he signed up that they'd be getting up at 4:30am so they could run a race at 6am. However, as fate would have it, when race time came, he effortlessly set a pace for her that allowed her to have a personal best time of 48:31.

Afterwards Shara & Stephen, and Tara's parents brought the kids and the whole crew watched the parade. Later that evening we celebrated Stephen's 25th b-day.

Dane's fam

Aunt Kari just happened to be in Utah when we were so we got together and the kids had a great time playing with Barbies in the pool. Here they are "swimming".

We also got together with Dane's Dad's side of the family at his Aunt Julia's house, where we played little games like bouncing ping pong balls and seeing if they'd stick onto pieces of bread smothered in peanut butter, or another game where you drop a broom to slam into a plate, which sends a marshmallow into the air, which you try to catch with a cup.

And of course, Aria found her cousin Audrey to play with.

Later they hopped on the chair swing and began singing songs:

Playing around

We went over to see Stephen & Shara's new apartment and enjoyed a fun evening together. We even were able to get a full family picture:

We also got a nice shot of Tara's parents:

Tara and her sisters took Aria to the pool to beat the heat:

We went to a petting zoo with Tara's aunt Marjorie and her grandkids. Here's Aria and little Matthew on a hay ride pounding fists with their Aunt Shannon. When Aria's playing around, she often has her tongue hanging out:

Aria really enjoyed the pony ride.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Family Reunion

We went to Clasropes in Provo for Tara's family reunion. There was tons of fun things to do:

Here's Shara & Stephen canoeing:

Here we're playing the Grand Canyon game, where Ryan is carrying both his mom and Dani.

Here's the rock climbing wall:

Here's Tara on the gigantic swing. She screamed her head off:

If you look in the background, you can see how high the swing goes:

Here's the Ring Jump. This picture gives a good perspective of how high in the air we were.

Here's Tara jumping for the ring:

And Dane jumping for the ring:

Here's Aria getting tossed in the air on a sheet:

More family pics:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Antelope Canyon

We visited Antelope Canyon, which is on the Navajo reservation. Due to flash floods that had killed visitors in the past, only guided tours into this slot canyon are allowed. Only cars with good shocks and lots of ground clearance can access the canyon, due to the extremely bumpy sand/dirt road heading there. Here's a pic of our family right outside the canyon.

The whole canyon floor is filled with sand, so we were glad we wore our sandals.

We'd never been to a slot canyon before, but it's really just a tiny crevase that cuts through some sandstone. Even though it was really cool to go through in person, the pictures honestly make it look even more magical.