Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby Thrift Stores

If you need new clothes for your little one, I highly recommend baby thrift stores! I went shopping at a great place in Arizona called Pollywogs, and I think I bought about 9 articles of clothing for around $15.00. Why shop at the mall, when you can get cute clothes that look new? The outfit that Aria is wearing in the picture above cost only $1.25.

Desert Museum

We went to the Desert Museum (Desert Zoo)in Tucson yesterday. A great place to visit. It informed us about all of the freaky critters that live here. I now know more about scorpions, spiders, and snakes than I care to know. Apparently even butterflies are carnivorous. Yeah, quite comforting. The picture above is only one of about 50 pictures we attempted to take of the butterflies at the museum. It was a fun challenge, both Dane and I wanting to prove that we were the better photographer.

The Queen

This picture was supposed to be set in the 1800's. However instead of looking vintage, it makes Aria appear to be an aspiring member of the royal family. (All she's missing is a scepter.)

When she's not mascarading through the halls of Buckingham, she can be found under her favorite jungle gym.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bald and the Beautiful

Beauty triumphs again. :)

Solid Foods (kind of)

See the excitement on the face of this little tyke before getting her first taste of solid foods. Then observe the video clip to see how rice cereal is such a let down. :) Despite the horribly bland taste, she's a trooper. Since her introductory experience, she's become a connoisseur of liquefied pears and puréed bananas. Alas, Mom has thwarted Dad's valient attempts to expand this list to include ice cream and soda pop.


I learned the hard way today that you can't get too close to Aria without warning her, or her defense system kicks in (literally). Check out that blow to the chin. That's worthy of a comic book style "SMACKKK!" Unfortunately the picture doesn't do justice to the sheer force that her little legs can dish out, nor does it capture me passed out afterwards.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Starting to babble

Baby has decided it's time to join the vocal world, with noises galore.

Even angels have bad days


Ever changing

Baby is doing well. Growing like crazy. Daddy is hanging in with school. Getting a PhD in what feels like Math... what happened to Accounting? Seriously. Anyway, Mommy is busy too as the new YW President in our ward. And when she finds some free time, she finds new ways to make our new place more "homey." Observe, her beautiful painting abilities (the wall, not the portrait).