Monday, February 25, 2013

Marshmallow Experiment

Marshmallow Challenge
So we tried doing the Marshmallow experiment with the kids last week.  We gave each of them one large marshmallow and told them they were free to eat it, but if they could wait 15 minutes, we'd let them have 2 marshmallows.  At age 2.5, Zade made it 14 minutes and 30 seconds before he just couldn't take it any more and shoved the marshmallow into his mouth.  He was sooo close to making it the full 15 minutes. However, given his young age, I think he did very well.  Aria, who's 4.5, fortunately made it the full 15 minutes and earned 2 marshmallows.  I'm proud of both of them.

Potty Training
Although Zade didn't quite pass the marshmallow test, he has made remarkable progress with potty training. He's now gone a full month without wetting the bed, so I feel comfortable saying he's officially potty trained both day and night!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ostrich Ranch

We took the kids to the Ostrich Ranch in Picacho, AZ.  We got in one of the monster trucks and had a nice tour of the area, which included the chance to go Ostrich Fishin'.  The kids a nice time, except when the driver would take the monster truck off jumps.  Aria was petrified. :)

We also got to go and feed all the other animals on the ranch, including donkeys, deer, goats, ducks, prairie dogs, and lorikeets.  Both Aria and Zade really got into it.  My favorite part was feeding the lorikeets.  They just flew right up and landed on your hand.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines 2013

Valentines Party
Tara hosted a Valentines party for the kids, where they got to decorate sugar cookies and put Valentines in each others mailboxes.  

As for Tara and I, we did a babysitting exchange and when it was our night to go out, we had a nice meal at Red Lobster, and we gave each other cards.  The kids helped me make a card for Tara, and I got her a big box of chocolates, but as always she one upped me by giving me a bag of Redvine licorice and the following card:

We have this inside joke that our cat Azure is my second wife, because of how fond she is of me, and how cold she is to Tara. :)  She looks just like the cat in the picture, so this card gave me quite a laugh.

Children's Museum

The Mighty Blanket Fort

Monday, February 11, 2013

Rabid Kids

Some people are given mellow children.  Not us.  Our children sword fight with each other.

They also attack their parents like wild hyenas. 
 This video gives a better feel for the madness:

And when they go to play places, like Jambo! near the Mesa Temple, they ride speed boats and motorcycles.

Don't let these innocent faces fool you.  Although they can be talked into making and frosting cookies, they eat them like rabid animals, spraying crumbs everywhere.

Even at the library, they can't be contained.  They run outside and tear long the edge of the fountains.

And when they play with play dough, they demolish the whole house.

And yet we love them. :)