Sunday, December 31, 2017

Holidays 2017

Zade and Ryzen's killer fort

I went up to Vancouver, Canada to do a research presentation at the University of British Columbia.  Here's a neat picture of a light display outside my hotel room. 

Hauling in the big tree

Aria was in the Nutcracker as a sour patch kid (i.e., dancer).

Aria and Tara went to the Lindsey Stirling concert in Eugene. They loved it.

We played the jelly bean game with Dane's extended family. Zade had terrible luck and continually drew the nasty flavors.  Lots of fun. :)

Tara's sister Shara came to visit, and the kids had fun playing together.

We took a short trip to Sunriver near Bend, Oregon. It snowed right when we got there. Here's the crew hanging in the hot tub.

Throwing Snowballs

Tubing down the hill.

Playing basketball in the pool.

Painting arts & crafts.

Roasting S'mores in the fireplace!

Skiing at Mt. Bachelor (just those pictured though. Dane the little ones stayed home and played in the snow).

Sledding down a Wanoga Park.

Ice skating. Yep, a great trip.

When we got back we made some cranberry orange bread!

On Christmas Eve Zade convinced Tara to pull out his other loose front tooth, much to Dane's chagrin.

And Christmas morning did not disappoint...

Christmas afternoon my parents came over and joined us...

for some Rock Band!  Grandma C. even joined in and sang  Piano Man.

The very next day Aria decided her new parakeet was lonely, so she got it a friend at the pet store. She named the birds Marco & Polo.

A few days later the Caulder cousins came and spent the night. A fun filled holiday season!

Sunday, December 10, 2017