Monday, October 9, 2017

Family Photos 2017

Here are various other photos from the past month or so.  

Aria and Zade started school at Meadow View. Aria had hand, foot, mouth sickness, so she unfortunately missed the first day.  Here's Zade at his new school. 

Fortunately, the next day Aria was able to make it.

We hiked Spencer's butte as a family. 

Ryzen with Aria's hamster Maple.  

Nova snacking away.

Visiting the coast with my sister Kari's family.

Hanging out at the Corvallis Fall Festival.

Aria doing an aerial at Get Air.

Celebrating my mom's birthday at our house. 

Nova tripped while running in the house and broke her arm just above the wrist.  It never really swelled, but after a week, when we were trying to put on her clothes she would yelp when we'd touch that part of her arm, so we knew it was more than just a strain. 

Tara went hiking with Michelle Asper,, Carina Hallock, and Lauren Yorgeson. Here's a view from the top of Spencer's Butte.  

The lovely maple tree in our backyard. 

Nova playing on the swing set in the backyard.

We signed Zade up for soccer again. He's been very aggressive and runs non-stop on the field. In his first 4 games, he's scored a total of 3 goals.  I don't think I ever scored any goals during my entire childhood. :)  He enjoys playing soccer. 

The wild turkeys in our yard, that drink from the water we set out for the feral cats.