Sunday, April 26, 2015

Aria is 7

Tara's parents and her sister Shara, along with Tyson, came to visit for a week. Jerry kept busy with lots of projects, including working with me to swap out all the fans in our bathrooms, build a garden, and built a toy harp. Zade, who loves building things, really enjoyed working with Grandpa.

Although it was fairly cool most days, we also managed to get out a few times and go for walks.

Even though both Tara and Shara are pregnant, they've managed to stay very mobile. And once again, for some strange reason both are due to have a baby at the same time. Last time Tyson and Ryzen were born within a few days of each other. This time, we both have baby girls due on the same day. Very strange, but exciting. 

And of course, we celebrated Aria's Birthday! She invited her friends Elaine Henrichsen and Ava Black. Aria's been into roller skating so we went to Penn Skates. 
Zade didn't want to skate, so Tara said she'd give him a dollar if he'd try. He quickly changed his mind. Bribery or extortion. I'm not sure.. :)

We then came home and had cake and ice cream. 

Now that Spring has finally arrived, the darn squirrels have returned and up to their usual mischief again: stealing seeds from the bird feeders. They always start off looking so innocent, just sitting on the railing of our front porch. Then they spring into the air and begin plundering. 

(It helps bring to life all those great Adam Rubin stories we've been reading to the kids.) 

Here are a couple other fun pics from daily life. I usually read stories to the kids and scriptures before bed every night. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Festivities Continue

We just celebrated our 12th anniversary. We caught an early dinner a the Allen Street Grill and got to sit in the corner with glass windows overlooking the downtown and university area.  It was a neat spot.  We then enjoyed a stroll around the university, before heading back to pick up the kids, who were playing at a friend's house.  Here are the flowers I got Tara:

We also celebrated Tara's birthday.  At her request, we went out to Applebee's for dinner and came back home and had ice cream sandwiches (lowfat, of course).  She knows what she wants for her birthday, but is still in the process of deciding. :)

Not only that, but we also celebrated Easter.  This year Ryzen was able to get in on the action and collected a pile of Easter Eggs along with Aria and Zade.

Furthermore, there was also General Conference. There were some really good talks (e.g., Elder Hollands, Elder Christoffersons, etc.). Aria and Zade even paid attention for an hour.  Not bad!

I also got a revise & resubmit on a paper that I'm working on at a good journal, so things are looking up professionally too.

It's been busy, but in a good way.