Sunday, March 3, 2019

February 2019

Tandem Bike
For Christmas, Tara got a Tandem bike, which I finally got around to putting together.  :)  It should be fun.  

UO Acro & Tumbling Meet
We took the kids to the Acro meet, which Aria in particular loved.  These athletes are incredible.  Aria tells me that's something she wants to do when she's in college.

Afterwards we got to go down on the floor of Matthew Knight arena, where the acro team signed Aria's poster.

Aria then busted out some of her own moves before we headed home.

Couples Classic Race
Tara talked me into joining her in a couple's 5K race here in Eugene.  I only run once a week, but I thought it was worth doing to see how much I've slowed down over the years.  Back in high school I got a 17:15 when doing a 5K.  This time, I was definitely much slower, as expected.  I ended up a a 21:32, which works out to a pace of around 6:57 per mile.  Given my age and how little I train, I was okay with that.  Tara got a 25:23, but afterwards said she pushed herself too hard, and her lungs really hurt.

Within 36 hours she came down with the flu, which knocked her out for over a week.  Several days after Tara came down with the flu, Zade and I got it too.  It was a nasty one.

Date Night
Roughly a week later, Tara and I went to the musical Evita.  Or should I say "Opera".  The music was really dissonant and we could hardly understand anything that was being said, since all lines in the play were sung.  We also got a text from our babysitter saying that Zade had thrown up.  That was the last straw.  We only made it through the first half, and then threw in the towel and left.  That's definitely a play I will never check out again.

Tara decided to take Zade up skiing to Hoodoo.  She'd never been there before, but since there was a ski bus they could take, she took advantage of the opportunity.  It was really snowy up there, but they both had a great time.

On Monday, February 25th, we got the largest snowfall in the Willamette Valley that I'd ever seen in the 25+ years that I've lived here.  We don't even live in the hills, and we had roughly a foot of snow land in our yard.  Two days later roughly another 4-6 inches fell.  It was crazy.   The kids had a wonderful time playing in the snow.  I spent most of my time shoveling out our forever long driveway. I shouldn't have sold my snowblower when we moved from Pennsylvania.  :)