Sunday, November 4, 2018


We were able to grow a few pumpkins this year in our garden, but due to bugs, the plans struggled and the pumpkins didn't grow very large.  However, some were big enough for Ryzen to carve up. 

We pick up a few big ones from the local farms, and carved them up too.  

Zade carved about half of this one, and I helped him finish it.

The kids' school had a big Halloween party, which we took them too.  Aria was dressed up as a zombie.

Zade was Harry Potter, since he's been reading the books and is really into the series.

Ryzen chose to be a ninja.

And Nova chose to be Rapunzel.  

The kids got to go trick-or-treating so many times, it was practically overkill: Trunk-or-Treat at the Church, going to the UofO Business School, and then regular Trick or Treating on Halloween.  Their stock pile of candy was so large, Tara offered them money to turn it into her so she wouldn't have to regulate their consumption.  :)  

I unfortunately had to miss the last week of soccer due to the RAST conference at Notre Dame.  Here are a few nice pics Tara took from the boys' games. 

Here's most of Ryzen's team that I coached: Rylee, Zane, Kaylee, Emanuel, Ryzen, Juniper, and Mira. 

Here's Zade's team.

The family also went to Porter's baptism, and the arts and crafts that the church held earlier that day. 

Lastly, here's a fun pic of Ryzen when Tara fell asleep at my parent's house. :)