Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rainy Summer

School is out and we are having lots of fun this summer!  We manage to stay active and busy even though I am so far along in the pregnancy.

It seems to rain just about every day here.  Thankfully it usually clears up by the afternoon, so we do get some sun.  We never seem to need to water the lawn and even though our garden doesn't get much sun, our little garden is starting to grow. 

Adam and Elaine Henrichsen, Aria and Zade's close friends, came over and played.  The kids have enjoyed the slip 'n slide and running through the sprinklers.

We met some friends from our home-school co-op at Whipple Dam.  The kids played all day in the sand and lake.  They even captured some tiny fish and put them in a sand hole that they made.  The kids had to continuously refill the hole with water to keep the fish from dying.

On the one really sunny day this week, we headed to Park Forest Pool.  I somehow managed to get my bathing suit on (I will never be able to wear it again after the pregnancy. :)  Zade thought it was cold after only a little while, and sat on the bench and shivered in his towel.  Aria found a friend from school and had fun playing with her.  Ryzen wanted to go down the huge water-slide and was extremely upset when I told him that he is too little.

Aria is inside a water bubble here with her friend Sophia.

Those darn squirrels in our front yard keep raiding the bird feeder. :)  We watched up to five squirrels attacking our bird feeder, each taking a turn jumping up.

Here is a picture of me on the due date.  Nova has shown signs of coming soon, but nothing has happened yet.  I'm trying to be patient and looking at this as an opportunity to try to get a few more last minute things done before her arrival.   We so look forward to meeting little Nova soon.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rope Swing

Rope Swing
Tara decided to get a rope swing for our front yard. Fortunately we have large oak trees, which can handle the weight, and the kids have been loving it. 

Ryzen is Two!
When Tara asked Ryzen what kind of cake he wanted, he replied: "Wheels on the Bus".  That's his favorite song, so Tara stepped up to the challenge.  He was delighted with how things turned out.

He got a little trampoline, which he's been loving. 

Ryzen's old man is getting older
To celebrate Dane's most recent trip around the sun, we got a nice fruity torte. Delicious.

Tara took the kids out to pick strawberries. Aria and Zade brought in quite a haul of good berries, and Ryzen had fun picking the white ones.

The Mighty Lego Builder
No matter the weather, Zade is always busy building Lego creations.