Sunday, April 7, 2019

March 2019

Ryzen has been in a Saturday basketball camp this winter.  He's really enjoyed it.

Aria and her friends had a cupcake party.

Here's just a cute candid moment when all the kids were on the couch, and we grabbed a camera, and had them look up.

Aria's been working on her needle.  She's made some great progress:

I took the kids out bowling one night to give Tara a break.  We put up the bumpers and the kids had a great time.  Of the kids, Ryzen got the high score.  He was really excited. 

Kari and Nate invited us over to their new place.  It's beautiful.  

 Nova and her friend Emory are in a dance class together.  They enjoy it, although it's clear they're often in their own world. 

Tara took Ryzen skiing for the first time.  They took the bus up to Hoodoo and enjoyed the day there.  Ryzen fell a lot, but had a good attitude.  After a while he started to get the hang of it. 

He especially enjoyed the snacks, including the hot chocolate. 

This month we've had some nice weather, and Nova enjoyed spending time on her tricycle.

Zade celebrated his Bday with some of his friends, Porter, Macy, and Brendan.  At his request, it was Star Wars themed.  

The next day we went up to the Temple.  The kids got to play at the Allen's house and we enjoyed a session there.  Afterwards, we took the kids to the temple grounds (at least the ones who weren't too grumpy to get out of the car).  

Spring Break
Tara wanted to make sure we had a memorable Spring Break, so she planned a trip up to Sunriver.  We rented a house there and Kari and her family joined us.   

The house had a bear theme and was loaded with stuffed animals.  

It also came with a hot tub, which the kids loved.  

One day we went sledding at a local snow park.  The next day Tara took the kids skiing.  It was Gena and Audrey's first time.  They had a blast.   

Another day we took the kids tubing down Bachelor.  

The kids also enjoyed spending the afternoon at the water parks at Sunriver.

It was a good family trip.  But it was also good to get back home and get back into the swing of things.