Sunday, September 27, 2009

A little help from our friends

During a week of extreme makeover, Tara's parents gave our place a facelift. They showed up, repainted the walls, laid out some astro-turf in the back yard for Aria to play on, re-built our bookcase, shampooed the carpets, cleaned behind the fridge & oven, installed child safety locks on the cubboards, filled the jogging stroller tires with goo, fixed the bed frame & the lock on the front door, etc..........................

We're so grateful for their help. They even picked up a little table for Aria to eat at (which she loves.)

We also picked up a little kitchen set, since Aria is enthralled with them too.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kickin it with the Campbells

We had the Campbells over for dinner, and afterwards John started rocking out on the acoustic. Aria was totally into it, and kept on dancing. Check out how she timidly tries to walk up to him and touch him, like a little groupie. I can just see the thought going through her mind, "Oh, I'll never wash this hand again. He's soooo dreamy!".

Solid Foods strike back!

On Monday Tara implemented operation "Bye Bye Bottle", where she put all Aria's bottles in a bag and told Aria that she was a big girl now and that bottles were for babies. Aria's eyes grew large as she witnessed Tara take them outside and throw them in the trash. Tara told Aria to tell the bottles "bye-bye." In a state of shock, Aria waved bye-bye to the bottles, then they returned to the house and Tara heated Aria up a veggie burger. After such carnage, Aria knew that the resistence movement was crushed, so she gave in and began eating solid foods again. Now, one week into the operation, she's eating solids like a champ. To reward her... for doing what she should be anyway, we picked up a chair that she's been eying for a while. She likes kicking back in it and watching Wallace & Grommit.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Liquid Diet

At the ripe old age of 17 months, Aria has decided that solid foods are vile and unfit for a little girl. She's reverted back to old faithful, yes, her frosty bottle of milk. Can't get enough of the stuff. She's also persuaded her dolly to join in the revolt.

She's also decided to become an imperialist and was caught on film invading the land of kitties. All was going well until she got stuck.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why is she laughing?

At the end of the video you'll see why. :)

Mommy Group

Tara has now taken the reigns of the mommy meet-up group for our ward, and the first activity was a pool party at our house for all the munchkins. Eight moms and their little people all decended for a splashing good time.