Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 2016

Aria loves her baby sister Nova!  She covers her in kisses and hugs every day!

Grandma and Grandpa Debenham sent some yummy Valentine's treats and cards.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Debenham!

Here's my wonderful boys,  They have such sweet spirits and are good-lookin too!

Little Nova is growing so much.  She loves to sit by herself now and examine various toys and objects.  She is also attempting to eat table food in her high-chair, although not much makes it in her mouth.  We just discovered her first tooth poking through today, which explains why she has been a little bit more cranky then unusual.

Aria and Zade went to Bingo night at the school.  It was a fundraiser for the PTA.  Both kids won books for playing Bingo.

Aria decided one day that she wanted to host a Valentine's Party at our house.  She was very excited and planned every detail including the invitations, decorations, events, food, etc.  She invited every girl from her second grade class.  Almost all the girls came and everyone had a lot of fun!  Aria wants to host an Easter party now, but I told her that we probably won't be able to do that this year.

My sweet friend Katrina has been having Aria over to her house and teaching her how to make a hand-made doll.  Aria has loved making the doll.  She is almost finished, but we need to probably spend one more afternoon at Katrina's to add the finishing touches.

Dane and I went to Red Lobster for Valentine's Day.  We've been so busy trying to get the house ready to sell and just preparing and planning for our move, that it was nice to take a little break and be together.  After Red Lobster we picked out some desserts and roses at the grocery store.  We came home, put the kids to bed, and then watched a movie.   It was a nice night.    Our babysitter, Rachel, is wonderful!  She is working at a psychology lab at Penn State doing research and has been such a blessing.  She is always on time, responsible and so kind to the kids.  It's so nice to have someone that can watch the kids at various times.
Here's my handsome husband, who always works so hard for the family.  He is the most dedicated, hard-working and loving husband anyone could ask for.

Ryzen has recently been getting scared at night, and now prefers to hop into Aria's bed and sleep next to her. Sometimes that's not even good enough, and he decides to hop into our bed as well. 

We decided to go swimming as a family at the YMCA. The kids liked that they could wear life jackets and had a great time.

In Aria's free time after school she's gotten into writing stories of her own. Her most recent illustrated adventure was over 20 pages long. She's very creative.

We went to Tussey mountain and the older kids got to enjoy doing some sledding.

Aria has some play glasses that she bought with her own money. She thought it would be fun to put them on Nova and see how she looked. Quite charming, don't you think. :)