Sunday, July 5, 2020

Family Photo Shoot

Michele Yaede did a maternity photo shoot for our family up at Spencer's Butte.  Here are a few of the nice photos she took.

June - July 2020

Ryzen's 7
We celebrated Ryzen's 7th trip around the sun with Kari's family and my parents at our house. 

For my bday, we kept things simple and enjoyed some cupcakes. :) 

Later that week we celebrated it at Kari's house. 

The kids enjoyed a nice outing at Defy. 

Nova recently acquired Aria's LOL dolls and now plays with all of them on a daily basis on the carpet near the kitchen.  It's her favorite place to play. 

Tara met up with some friends at the coast and the kids had fun playing in the sand. 

Camp Wilani
Tara scheduled a family camp for us our near Veneta. The kids had a lot of fun doing the various activities they had there.  

Ryzen even braved the cold swimming pool, and did cannon ball after cannon ball.

Due to COVID-19, Aria's dance studio built an outdoor stage for all the dancers to perform the dances they'd worked on during the year.  Night after night we went out and watched her perform. 

Creek Hunters
We went out to Fern Ridge and the kids had fun doing catch and release.  They caught bull frogs and crayfish. 

Great Wolf Lodge
Due to Tara's pregnancy, we've decided to do short day trips instead of vacation.  We headed up to Great Wolf Lodge in Washington, and had Audrey join us, as having a friend makes all the difference in keeping Aria happy. The kids had a great time. 

They even had some mini golf. 

Nova's 5
We had a few of Nova's friends over to celebrate her bday. 

4th of July
Kari's family and my parents came over to celebrate Independence Day with us.

Since we didn't have a board to light the fireworks on, I pulled out an old glass door that we were planning to take out for bulk trash. 

 The temperature changes led the glass to shatter.  Then it began popping like popcorn.  It was just about as much fun to watch as the little fireworks. :)