Sunday, November 1, 2020

October 2020

Fall Farm Fun with Family

We took the kids to Dietering Farm, and Kari's kids came too. 

Cutest baby ever! Love that Everest!

The last picture we have of the orange chicken (middle).  She must've been mauled by a predator, because we found her and she was severely injured and bleeding really badly.  Carina Hallock came over and put her down for us.  

Maverick's Birthday at Athletic Edge Adventure Park in Salem

This was the first family gathering I've ever been to where everyone all wore facemasks. Pretty interesting. 

Aria's artistic Science Poster

The cats she drew are so cool. I particularly like the grumpy cat. 


Due to the pandemic, the only trick or treating the kids got to do this year was at the Nature Discovery School, where they held a trunk or treat. Nevertheless, the kids got dressed up and had a good time. 

Nova's amazing kindergarten classroom

Outdoor gathering with the Bifanos, Hallocks, and Yorgesen's.

On Halloween day, after the boy's soccer games we got together with a few friends from church to celebrate Halloween. Fortunately Covid rates are really low in our county, so we feel safe having such a gathering. 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

September 2020

 Tara and Everest

Aria recently got into making and selling bracelets.  she named her little enterprise "Beaming Bracelets."

My parents holding Everest

Everest's first bath.  He was really calm.  


We ordered a chicken pen that the boys and I assembled.  They stuck with it for several hours and it turned out great.  

My dad and I took the older boys to Newport for crabbing.  On the first try we got a large Dungeness, which made the whole trip worth it. 

Tara took the kids to Florence to play at the beach. 

Aria wearing her Eeyore jammies, chillin' with Everst. 

Hiking Spencer's Butte. 

After the hike we took the kids to Off the Waffle for lunch.  


On Labor Day we took the kids to Florence and visited a place called Sandlands.  The kids had a great time doing bumper boats, mini golf, and even a dune buggy ride. 

Tara every now and then manages to squeeze time in to play piano, even if she has to put Everest on her lap. :)

Holiday Farm Fire

Late on Labor day a large fire broke out east of Springfield that brought ash filled air to Eugene for roughly 10 days.  The air quality was considered hazardous, so we were stuck inside.  It was rough. 

Nova has decided she wants to be a baby too.  

Ryzen has gotten way into Legos recently and loves building little houses loaded with goodies, including a giant sandwhich for Scooby and Shaggy. 

Even Nova has started to get in on the Lego building action.

Ryzen's also started losing a bunch of teeth too. 

Aria is excited because she's going to get to take point at Eugene Ballet this year. 

Unlike last year where we basically got no pumpkins from our garden, this year we got a bunch.  And most of them were volunteers from our compost. The kids have been pretty excited.  

Aria and Nova at Defy

First Day of School
The wildfire smoke pushed back the start of school, but it finally got rolling.  Zade, Ryzen, and Nova are attending the Nature Discovery School (in person), and Aria is attending Kennedy's online school. 

Soccer started back up for Zade and Ryzen. They're really excited about that.

On a hike up Iris Ridge, Zade reached out and wanted Tara and I to hold his hand.  It's pretty special that at 10 years old he still feels close to us.