Sunday, August 13, 2017


A bunch of tiny flogs live in a plant right outside our front door.  The kids love them!

We've also been having fun picking all the wild blackberries that grow throughout Eugene.  We went on a fun bike ride by the Willamette river, and picked a bunch.

Afterwards we got ice cream at Prince Puecklers, a local gourmet ice cream shop.  It was delicious.

Tara has read a lot of books to the kids over the summer, but one that they enjoyed more than others was Captain Underwear.  Zade and Ryzen felt inspired one day and decided they would masquerade as that crusader.

Aria and Zade also went to Camp Harlow this past week while Dane was away at the AAA Annual meeting in San Diego.  They had a great time.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

2017 Summer trip to Utah

Gardens at Thanksgiving Point

Boating at Jordanelle
We went boating with Tara's parents and Ryan and Dani.

Dani taught Tara to surf on the wake of the boat. 

Tara picked it up the first time.  I was impressed. 

Hogle Zoo

We ate at a nice German restaurant in downtown Salt Lake.

Trout Farm in Ogden Utah
Within a half hour, Zade masterfully caught 7 fish!  He was so proud.

Swimming in the Crater

Heber Creeper
We went on a train ride out in Heber Valley.

Ryan & Dani's
We roasted marshmallows up in Summit Park.

Tara and I ran a 10K for the 24th of July in downtown Salt Lake City.  It started at 6am, so we got up early.  Neither Tara or I have been doing much training.  We only run 1-2 days a week.  Despite that, we did alright.  Tara finished in 52:07 (~8:24 minute pace), and Dane finished in 44:32 (~7:11 minute pace).
 Here we are with our ridiculous participation medals. :)


Baby Strollers
Nova and Kyra love pushing their dolls in their strollers.

Grandkid Pic
Terry and Jerry gathered up all the grand kids that were around for a fun pic.

Fishing Again
After we drove back from Utah (in a single day), we settled back into life as usual. One evening, we headed out to the Willamette river and Zade decided to take his net and go fishing again. Unfortunately this time he got skunked.  Not quite as easy as the trout farm. :)

4th of July

Abba Concert

 4th of July

Annette's Visit

Misc Fun Pics