Sunday, April 23, 2017

More Spring Fun

Aria's Party
Aria turned 9, and invited several friends from church over for her party. 

Juliette & Giana

Lizzy & Alia

And a gymnastic themed cake, right in line with Aria's interests.

We also had a celebration with cousins the a few days later. 

Easter Egg Hunt
Lauren Yorgeson organized an Easter Egg hunt, which we hosted in our yard.  Lots of families with young kids came over and dug through the grass, while trying to avoid the nefarious geese poo.  

Kids 3 and under hunted in the short grass.

Kids 4 and up hunted in the longer grass.

The kids got some new Sunday clothes for Easter, and enjoyed hunting for chocolates throughout the house.  

Ryan and Dani
Tara's brother Ryan and his wife Dani came out to visit Dani's grandma for her 80th birthday.  Since her grandma lives in Oregon, they swung by and visited us too.  We had fun hanging out with them and going for a walk along the wetlands. 

Nova especially liked meeting her cousin Dax for the first time.

Waldorf Talent Show
Aria and several of her friends did a disappearing skit for the talent show at her school. 

Tara trying to read her scriptures with Nova
Being a mom isn't easy.

Spring Fun

Cooking with Ryzen


Question: Why is there so much geese poo in our backyard?

Leprechaun Hotel
Aria built a Leprechaun hotel out of blocks upstairs.  

The next morning when she got up she say the Leprechaun payed for his stay in gold coins. Pretty cool.

Big Z turns 7
We had a party for Zade at Papa's Pizza, where he invited his entire 1st grade class.  Around 6 kids were able to make it, and he had a fun time running around.

The next day we celebrated again at Grandma and Grandpa C's house.  They were so kind as to get him a magnet dart board.

Zade enjoyed having back to back celebrations.

One of Nova's interesting sleeping positions
She started sitting up straight with her legs crossed, and then slumped forward. That's a flexible little girl.

Aria has been begging Tara for a hamster, so she got one for her birthday.  She named the little girl "Mabel." Mabel is very active at night, and is reasonably well behaved.

Aria's drawings
Aria found some videos on YouTube showing how to draw cartoon girls, and now she's taken off and draws similar drawings all time all by herself.

Spring Break
For Spring Break we took the kids up to Portland.  Tara and I each did a session at the temple, and we took the kids to Salt and Straw, where we each got a unique flavor of ice cream.  Aria got Lavender Honey, Zade got Pot O Gold (basically lucky charms in ice cream), Tara got Salted Truffle, and I got Strawberry ice cream with pepper.  They were all strange and delicious.

 We also went to McMinville and met up with Kari and her girls at the Waterpark in the Air Museum.  Aria and Audrey went down the massive water slides at the top of the building, which literally take you down the emergency shoots of an airplane.

There was also a fun air-themed playground outside that the kids enjoyed playing on. 

March 2017 - Spring is Coming

Aria - Phone User Extraordinaire

Ice Cream

Skiing at Willamette Pass

Waldorf PreSchool

100 Year Old Zade

Ryzen at the Library eating in the bakery

Frog Hunting in our backyard with Zade

Garden Day at the Waldorf School

Fun with Grandma C

Fun in the Backyard with the Allens