Sunday, February 11, 2018

Warm Winter

Beautiful Sunset in our backyard

Sprinkling System
During the hot, dry summer, the trees and grass in our yard tends to struggle.  So we decided to give them a fighting chance by putting in a sprinkling system.  Here you can see the trenches where the pipes are being laid.

Aria's Birds

Oregon Zoo
Tara took the kids up to the Portland Zoo.

Zade & Macy at Carly's birthday party

Playing at the Park

Portland Temple
Tara and I went up to the temple, and the bishop, his wife, and the youth watched out kids.  It was great!

Spencer's Butte
Since the weather has been unseasonably warm for January (~50-60 degrees Fahrenheit), we took the kids out for a hike.

Dress Up

Ryzen's Race Track
Ryzen is becoming a little builder just like Zade.

Zade's Trap
Zade concocted a clever trap to catch anyone who tries to get to his fort.