Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spitting Baby

Aria has decided that eating food just isn't as much fun as spitting it out. Smart kid. :)

Attack of Fish Face

Aria loves playing with faces. However, we still need to help her learn to play "gentle." I like this clip because it also shows her making her little fish faces, which remind me of the gold fish we used to have.

Mira jumping off the wall

After 2 years of observing this strange phenomena, we finally caught it on film. As shown here, it typically starts with a bored, meowing kitty, and from no where, she flips out.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Arizona Novembers

We spent Saturday at a lovely park nearby our house. The temperature was a balmy 80 degrees and the sun was shinning. I love fall in Arizona! Perhaps you might consider this to be bragging, but hopefully it will also convince you to come and visit us.

Man mauled by baby

A Tucson man was mauled in his home by a small baby Thursday evening. He sustained only minor injuries to the inside of his mouth, due to the child trying to pry his face apart. The child however is still at large. Police believe the presence of the child's mother has largely protected her from any reciprocation from the man.

Splish Splash

Talking or Coughing? You decide


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Azure, our spunky, lovable indoor cat, snuck out as we left the house for family home evening on Monday. It wasn’t until we were going to bed that we realized that she was gone. We looked for her around the apartment complex several times over the next two days without success. On Thursday morning, I printed some lost cat flyers to put up. However, we never got a chance to put them up. When Tara was driving home she saw a cat on the road that had been hit by a car. Our worst fears were confirmed. We'd lost our little buddy.

I imagine most people would say, "oh well, it was just a cat. Go get a new one." That's probably what I would've said before she joined our family, but she showed me that animals actually have unique personalities. Her passing has caused us a surprising amount of grief. Once she was gone, I realized what a loving, great friend she really was. Knowing that Christ "saves all the works of his hands"(D&C 76:43) really brings me comfort. The following is a short list of my memories of her:
• Licking the faucet, despite my attempts to dissuade her
• Softly biting Tara whenever she’d sing, or play the keyboard, since she found the sound annoying
• Smart. She could open up drawers, and removed Tara’s hair ties and would deposit them under the scale and bat them around. She also loved milk jug rings.
• Chasing Mira around the house, since she considered herself the boss. She’d often race up the cat tree and play king of the hill up there with Mira.
• Sneaking out the door whenever she got a chance, and then rolling around on the concrete, scratching her back
• String cheese! She’d run up whenever she heard us open up a package of string cheese and wait patiently for us to rip off pieces for her. Mira, our other cat, could care less about string cheese.

• Fearless, despite her small size (7-8 lbs.), she wasn’t afraid of anything. If I’d pretend to smack at her, she’d stand her ground and swat back at me. I’m convinced she thought she could take me. Our other cat, Mira is scared of everything and everyone.
• Lying on her back. She’d fall asleep that way. Another sign of her fearlessness.
• She loved to open up Aria’s clothes drawers and would carry her clothes in her mouth and deposit them around the house.
• Sleeping in all Aria’s baby seats.

• Neurotic. When she was done in the litterbox, she’d keep wiping her paws on the side, but they’d never be clean enough, so she’d keep wiping.
• Outgoing, never hid when guests came over, unlike Mira, who would growl when the door bell rang and would quickly slink away

I’m glad Tara has been writing a book about Azure and Mira. Now that Azure’s gone, Tara has renewed motivation to finish it. The ending of their tale has come, so we know what to chronicle.
I’ll miss her. Till we meet again, dear friend.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

We went to a church gathering on Halloween, where kids went trick or treating downstairs in the church through a "haunted" hallway. We arrived on the scene as a family of hippies, with our little flower child. Aria went along with the theme, scored a pile of candy for her parents, and even pretended to be in her own pychedelic world for this picture.