Sunday, November 28, 2010

Say What?

Aria had some funny things to say this week:

Aria: Daddy, can you bring me a toy?
Dane: Sure, here you go. It's a magic ring.
You can use it to turn people into things.
Aria: Thanks. Zap! Daddy, I turned you into a kangaroo!
Hey Mommy, Zap! I turned you into a piece of poo!
Dane: What? What did you turn mommy into?
Aria: A piece of poo!
(Interestingly enough, she picked up those choice words from mommy) :)

Later, when we were driving to go to the temple, Aria began singing the song "Follow the Prophet." Her version went like this: "Follow the Prophet, follow the prophet, he's my favorite!" (over and over again) :)

Not too long ago, when we'd put Aria to bed she'd beg us to cuddle with her or sit outside the door until she fell asleep. However, recently she's begun asking us to leave as soon as we put her down. Why the sudden change? Well, as soon as we leave she hops out out of bed and and begins putting on all her favorite outfits from when she was a baby. The "top" she's wearing in this picture is a dress she used to wear when she was 12 months old.

Aria and Zade are now in that perfect (short) window of life where they can take baths together.

And here's a little video of Zade for good measure:

Lastly, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Phil Lamoreaux's family this year, but foolishly left our camera at home, so we have no pics to share. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eatin Fiend

Zade loves to pack it in. You should see him lunge forward like a voracious fish when we hold food in front of his face. :) But as you can see, he prefers to be the one running the show.

Here are a few more good pictures that Tara's parents took during their visit:

If you weren't sure before, this picture of Aria in her oversized sleeping beauty outfit ought to make it clear that she's a princess junkie. Thanks a lot Disney. :)

And for the finale:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

More fun with Grandma & Grandpa

Tara parents came and visited this week, which worked out great since I flew to Utah to attend the BYU Accounting symposium.

They had fun with the grandkids doing things like going to the outdoor pool in November (this is Arizona, you know):

Going to Tohono Chul Park:

Grandma even curled Aria's hair:

Halloween part 3

When Sunday came, we celebrated Halloween as a family by hanging out in front of the house in our camping chairs and let Aria pass out all our candy to trick or treaters. She had a great time doing it, and only refused to do it when people in really scary costumes strolled up. :)

Zade kept himself busy by grabbing each piece of wrapped candy, stuffing it in his mouth. I'm sure the trick-or-treaters loved getting slimy sweets. :)

In addition, we had a great meal in a pumpkin. Having learned from prior years' mistakes, this year Rice-a-Roni was included, which sure helped add flavor.