Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Pink Dress

Shara gave this dress to Aria for her baby shower and she wanted me to take pictures of her in it. Thanks Shara! It sure looks cute! By the way, Aria is now a little over 3 months and weighs 13.5 lbs.

Four Generations!

Great-grandpa Calton holds Aria. She is probably the only great-grandchild from my mom's family that he will ever hold as he is 96 years old.

Aria meets the Debenham family

Aunt Shannon says that she wants her own baby now. Watch out boys! And Uncle Ryan and Aunt Dani, Aria deserves a cousin her age, don't you think?

The Big Move!

It's hard to believe that my days in Oregon have come to an end. Almost eight years I've spent in the land of the lush green and gray skies. I look back upon my time in Oregon with fond memories of college, meeting my husband and my first "real" job as a teacher. Even though I grew up in Utah, part of me will always feel a kinship with Oregon. Right now I'm in transition, residing in Utah for a few days with my family until the new adventure in Arizona begins. My darling husband continues to pack the house and will begin the long haul of all our belongs to Arizona on Tuesday. Poor man has been infinitely stressed, always feeling that there is too much to do and never enough time. I tried my best to help pack up the house before I left, although there is still quite a bit left to do. Unfortnately, we were unable to sell the house, do to the failing economy and housing market. We bought at the peak and we're trying to sell at the crash- not a good combination. Thus, we've decided to rent the house. Who would have thought we'd become landlords in our 20's? We sure could have used that money from selling the house, but we've lived off of pennies before and we can do it again. They always say that money can't buy happiness.

Here's a picture of our new apartments in Arizona. We hope people will come and visit us a lot, as we will have an extra bedroom furnished just for that reason!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Crazy Cats

Azure likes to sleep in places not necessarily intended for cats. She especially likes places intended for babies.

Outside in the garden

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July with Dane's family. Dane's sister Annette flew in from Vermont to spend a few weeks, and we got to see her baby boy for the first time. Aria has two other cousins now. Audrey, who is 2 years old, and Dwight, who is 6 months. It was fun to see the kids together. We spent the day chatting and eating food outside, then I talked Dane into taking me to the city fireworks display. We cuddled up in a blanket on the grass and Grandpa Christensen watched Aria back at the house. For some reason, Aria is always a little angel whenever Grandpa Christensen holds her.