Sunday, March 27, 2016

Another Milestone for Big Z

Crazy Hair Day

Penn Skates

Baby Nova

 Attack of the Fuzzy Squirrels

Boots on the wrong feet
 But still loving life

 We went to Great Wolf Lodge for spring break.  Unfortunately, Aria started feeling sick as soon as we got there.  She had a bit of a fever and was not up for doing much.  We found out later that she had strep throat and Ryzen came down with it a few days later.  We still managed to swim a bit, although Aria wanted to spend most of her time in the hot tub.

Potty training has been off and on.  We've been so busy with moving that I haven't been consistent with it.  Ryzen shows potential and I think that if we just stayed home for a few days and we were really consistent he could probably get it down.

Since Dane accepted a job as an assistant professor at the University of Oregon, we had to put our house up for sale. We spent 2 months getting the house ready and on the first day that the house was put on the market, we had 5 people come to see the house and then received 2 offers to buy it. We accepted one of the offers and feel very blessed that we were able to get the house under contract so soon. We've really enjoyed the great house we've been able to live in during our time here in State College. Penn State has treated Dane well, and he is very grateful for the privilege he has had to work here.

Zade turns 6!  Zade, Aria and 2 friends from church, Spencer and Caleb, and I went out for breakfast for Zade's birthday.  Zade enjoyed a large chocolate chip waffle.

Later that night, two more friends, Aaron and Reese, came over for a small party. The kids made their own pizzas, went on a scavenger hunt and had cake.  Afterwards, we all went outside and enjoyed hanging out around the fire pit.

Dane thought it would be memorable for Zade if the two of them had a whip cream war.  Zade was declared the winner, and earned various delectable treats as a prize.

Zade wanted a chocolate chip, marshmallow cake, so that's what he got