Sunday, September 2, 2018

August 2018

We got a firepit this summer, which we've made good use of.

Mt. Trashmore
People are squatting at the foreclassed house next door to us.  Apparently they've decided to build a mountain of garbage. Not cool.

Enchanted Forest with the Bluncks


Dance Buddies

Rafting the Willamette
We found 7 holes in the raft before we put into the water.  After patching them, we thought we could still have an adventure.  Ten minutes into the float we hit a rock that tore a huge hole in the raft.  We started taking in so much water that we had to bag the ride.  Not ideal, but memorable. :)

Tara's Parents Visit

Backyard Campout
Carina Hallock and her kids joined Tara for a campout in our backyard.  There were noisy cayotes, along with planes overhead, which made for a memorable night.  No one was hurt, and most everyone slept well, except Tara.  Dane spent the night curled up inside on his bed, and slept like a baby. :)

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