Sunday, November 1, 2020

October 2020

Fall Farm Fun with Family

We took the kids to Dietering Farm, and Kari's kids came too. 

Cutest baby ever! Love that Everest!

The last picture we have of the orange chicken (middle).  She must've been mauled by a predator, because we found her and she was severely injured and bleeding really badly.  Carina Hallock came over and put her down for us.  

Maverick's Birthday at Athletic Edge Adventure Park in Salem

This was the first family gathering I've ever been to where everyone all wore facemasks. Pretty interesting. 

Aria's artistic Science Poster

The cats she drew are so cool. I particularly like the grumpy cat. 


Due to the pandemic, the only trick or treating the kids got to do this year was at the Nature Discovery School, where they held a trunk or treat. Nevertheless, the kids got dressed up and had a good time. 

Nova's amazing kindergarten classroom

Outdoor gathering with the Bifanos, Hallocks, and Yorgesen's.

On Halloween day, after the boy's soccer games we got together with a few friends from church to celebrate Halloween. Fortunately Covid rates are really low in our county, so we feel safe having such a gathering. 

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