Sunday, July 26, 2020

July 2020

Honeyman Beach
Tara went with the kids out to Honeyman, along with the Yorgesens. 

Zade dug a giant hole and then the kids buried him in it up to his waist. 

Braces and Retainers
Aria just got braces.  Her teeth were fairly straight to begin with, so she is supposed to have them for only around 15 months to help correct her overbite.  She's got a good attitude about it and hasn't complained at all, which has been nice.   

Zade also got a retainer to help him with his overbite.  He still has to lose a bunch more teeth before he too can get braces.  

Fall Creek Reservoir
We joined the Yorgesens, Yaedes and Stanleys at Fall Creek.  It was beautiful and the water was nice and warm.

Bishop Stanley brought his boat and took us out for a ride, which the kids really enjoyed.

Tara and I tried a new hiking path out into the wetlands by our house.  It was very pretty. 

We've been waiting years for this, but finally the Johnstons were able to buy the property next to us, and they tore down the old rotting house on it, so that they can start building a new home there.  We all came and watched as the house was torn down in less than an hour.  It was so cool to watch.  We're stoked to get some great neighbors.

Crawdad hunters
Tara took the kids out crawdad hunting with the Yorgesens and the Pechts.  While they were there they saw a snake catch and eat a fish.  They got a pretty sweet picture of it. 

They also managed to catch a lot of crawdads, which they gave to some other people who were cooking them there. 

Nova's Dance
Aria volunteered at a dance camp that Nova attended at All That this week. They both had a great time. 

Tara's worked hard on improving the flower beds in front of our house.  It's fun to see how much nicer they're looking. 

Spencer's Butte
Tara suggested we go on a hike to Spencer's Butte.  I think she's tired of being pregnant and just wants to induce labor. :)  The hike was beautiful, although it didn't lead to the baby coming.  I guess she'll have to keep waiting a little longer.  This little guy pushes really hard on her stomach and see more active than any of our prior children.  It's fun to watch the show he puts on. 

Tara took the girls out for ice cream. 

Nova playing with her friend Ava.

Missionary Meal
We had the missionaries over for dinner and Aria and her friend Trista tried to teach them some  dance moves.  The missionaries made some pretty valiant efforts to emulate them, but weren't quite as successful. 

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