Sunday, June 7, 2020

May-June 2020

Ryzen recently learned that chickens like to climb up on things.

Tara was less surprised. :)

Aria has gotten into making bun wraps for dance. 

Rafting the Willamette River
We like to raft the Willamette each year.  Typically we've done it in August, but with the baby due then, we bumped up our annual excursion to June.  Aria spent the time serenading us with songs about how we were all going to die.  When Zade saw some ducks floating on the river, he chimed int singing other weird songs like:

"Come little ducky. Into my net.  Come little ducky. Do not fret. Come little ducky. Come right now.  Come little ducky. You will be chow."

There were a bunch of baby Canadian geese on the shore where we got out. The kids loved seeing them.

Coloring boys.

Zumwalt park
A nice view of the 3 Sisters from Zumwalt park. 

New Trampoline
Our old trampoline was damaged in a storm, so Tara's parents kindly got us another one.  

Aria and Nova dressed up as dancers.

Squirrels at Spencer's Butte
The squirrels at the top of Spencer's Butte are quite aggressive.  

Tara has always wanted a hammock to lounge in.  She finally got her wish.  The kids have also really like it. 

Baby Chicks
We picked up 3 more baby chicks, because unfortunately one night a racoon reached into our chicken coop and killed 3 of our chickens.  I've since put 1/4 inch hardware cloth all around the base of the coop to protect the chickens.  Hopefully that does the trick.

Strawberry Picking
Tara took the kids out to a U-pick farm and got a boatload of strawberries, which they turned into jam.

Camping at Olallie at McKenzie River
We went camping with the Yorgesen's and Clarks.  My niece Gena joined us, which made the trip more fun for Aria. 

Dave Yorgesen made some chocolate eclairs, which the kids loved.

As part of our trip, we also hiked to Blue Pool

Next to the McKenzie River not far from our campground was a natural hot spring.

Just up the road from our campground were Sahalie and Koosah Falls. 

The boys spent a good amount of time biking around the campground, and going down the hill toward the campsites next to the river.

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