Sunday, September 29, 2019

September 2019

Back to School

Zade - 4th grade

Ryzen  - 1st grade

Aria - 6th grade

Nova - Preschool

Duck Eggs
We finally tried out the duck eggs that our little friends have been leaving us.  They taste just like chicken eggs - delicious!

Grandma & Grandpa D come to visit
They kindly drove here and brought us some of their old furniture, which we were very grateful for.  

We had a girl from our ward live with us for a few weeks as her mom is recovering from health problems.  We even celebrated her birthday.

As the coyotes have eaten 3 of our 4 ducks, we decided we needed to get a friend for our last remaining Duck, Brownie.  We heard that someone down the street was giving away Muscovey ducks, so we picked one up.  The girls wanted to name it Lollie, and the boys wanted to name it Comet... so we compromised and named it Lomet!  :)

Ryzen Lost his 1st Tooth

Tara went in to have allergy tests done to see what trees and pollens she's allergic to.  She lit up like a Christmas tree.

Aria and her friend Yaretzi and Maddie went to their first middle school party.

Reading in a hammock.  The good life.

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