Sunday, August 11, 2019

More Summer Fun

Dorena Lake

Nova's Bday party

Blueberry picking 

Playing in the river


6 Duck Friends
It took a while, but after a couple weeks the 3 new ducks have been accepted by the older ducks.  The older ones no longer chase after them and peck at them.  It's nice to see they're all one happy family now. 

LOL dolls
Both Aria and Nova love LOL dolls.  Here's a party the dolls had in Aria's room.

On our drive to Utah to visit Tara's parents we stopped off at a trout farm and let the kids go fishing.  Within a half hour Ryzen and Zade landed around 8 foot long fish.  They loved it. 

Ryan and Dani's cabin
We went up to Brighton and got to see Ryan and Dani's new cabin.  It was pretty cool.

Grandpa's Dares
Grandpa D. dared the kids to sit over the sprinkers for a dollar.  It turned out to be more intense than they expected. :)

Jordanelle Reservoir


Splash park

Thanksgiving Point
We took the kids to the butterfly museum & the dinosaur museum.  

Jordan River Temple

The Drive Home
Tara's parents kindly gave us many things to take back with us, including a trailer and a canoe. 

Shara visits Oregon
Tara's sister Shara recently moved to Texas, but they came up to Oregon to visit, and we got to hang out with them.

Date Night
Tara and I went on a date, had dinner by the Willamette River, and went to see a play in the evening at the Hult Center.  It was great.

Guinea Pigs
The Hansen's were looking for someone to adopt their guinea pigs and Aria said she had to have them.  I was not into it, but we came to a meeting of the minds. We had her sign a contract saying that if she promises to go to school and church without giving us any grief, she could have them.  If she violates the contract 3 times, they'll have to find a new home.  I hope this goes well. :)

Camp Harlow
The boys enjoyed spending a week at Camp Harlow.  Ryzen's favorite thing to do there was to jump off the diving board, and Zade really enjoyed the bumper boats.

Lego building
Zade and the Yorgeson's decided to build a giant hot dog out.  Pretty creative.

Nicole's Baby Shower
My brother Derek's wife is about to have their 4th child, so Tara and the girls went to Salem for the baby shower.

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