Sunday, July 8, 2018

Summer Begins!

Aria can't stop taking Tara's phone and taking selfies...

Ryzen's Dinosaur themed Bday
Lots of fun with Ryzen's friends Liza, Sam, and Ava.

On a Saturday we took the kids to Candlelight park for the Stake's Day of Service.  We re-mulched all the walking trails. 

Now that summer's here we went out to Thistledown Farms and picked some tasty strawberries.

They came in handy for my birthday. :)

And what we didn't eat sure made some nice freezer jam.

Tara's extended family had a big family reunion scheduled, so we tacked on a trip to Yellowstone on the front end and made it a mighty journey.   

Bear World - outside Rexburg, Idaho
On the way down to Utah we stopped off at Bear World.  

Here's where Tara's family reunion was held.  Great choice.

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